Training Plans

Tips for Training…

  1. When beginning the training plans, choose the least busiest day of the week for your long runs. The plans do not have a “official beginning day.” Make it work around your personal schedule, but don’t skip days . A goal can be big and manageable!
  2. Jogging and Running are two different things and very similar. Read about it here
  3. HYDRATE. This is the most important part of training. Water is good for you!
  4. Motivate yourself. Find a motivation(quote, etc) to make you keep moving. I provided some above, but also have your own reasons! What’s your goal?
  5. Click on the training plan for a bigger image. Click, Save, Print, or Pin 😀
  6. Never skip rest day. You need at least one day a week for your body to repair itself. Here’s why rest day is important.
  7. Make sure you’re running in proper gear. There’s nothing like have to strip clothing and carry it for (insert number of miles here). In other words…Not Fun!
  8. Remember that it does not matter what your time is, as long as you finish!
  9. If someday you want to run 13.1 or 26.2, but have never ran before, I suggest you start small and work your way up. You can do it!

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