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New look: January Training Plan

After a very busy 2014, I finally brought back my training plans! They are meant for my personal use, but feel free to always follow along! I also encourage you to make your own.
This year I’m trying to become a bit more organized planning my schedule(s). As you can see, it has a new look! I’m going by weeks instead of days, and I planned my schedule around work, play, and school. January is my warm up month to the start of an exciting year. Check it out…

Training Plan_ January 2015

I also added “Cross Train Thursdays.” My goal is to do a new workout every week, while also cross training for my marathons and bike-a-thon. I hope to post about it every Thursday. Next, I will also have Three Mile Thursdays once a month. This will be my 5K challenge to try and beat my PR. Since it’s the first month of the year, I will be setting the time to beat. (let’s see how this goes)

What’s your fitness goal for the month?
Comment below!


Training Plans! New in 2014!

Hello everyone! Happy (almost) Friday!
Since I was sick this week, I had time to finish my 5K and 10K training plans! Check them out by clicking below!

Training Plans

You can also view my plans by clicking on the “Training Plan” navigation bar. ¬†Eventually there will be Half-Marathon plans, a 15K plan, and cardio work outs for your own use! (:
Check it out! And have a warm and healthy weekend!