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New look: January Training Plan

After a very busy 2014, I finally brought back my training plans! They are meant for my personal use, but feel free to always follow along! I also encourage you to make your own.
This year I’m trying to become a bit more organized planning my schedule(s). As you can see, it has a new look! I’m going by weeks instead of days, and I planned my schedule around work, play, and school. January is my warm up month to the start of an exciting year. Check it out…

Training Plan_ January 2015

I also added “Cross Train Thursdays.” My goal is to do a new workout every week, while also cross training for my marathons and bike-a-thon. I hope to post about it every Thursday. Next, I will also have Three Mile Thursdays once a month. This will be my 5K challenge to try and beat my PR. Since it’s the first month of the year, I will be setting the time to beat. (let’s see how this goes)

What’s your fitness goal for the month?
Comment below!


Just singing on the treadmill

HELLO EVERYBODY! Happy Sunday Run-day!!! 
It has been one fantastic weekend, to start off my spring break! (aka winter break part 2)

On Friday after my last exam, I ran 3 miles and did some hardcore strengthening exercises….then had a wonderful night hanging out with my besties from high school (and staying up a little to late)
Becaussseee…Saturday is when the real fun began. Around 9 a.m. we all traveled down to see our friend who goes to Miami U.Sadly, she’s not on the same spring break as us):  Pictures Below (:

This is us looking all preppy for Miami (It’s a joke, sorry Jessica…or anyone who goes there) (:

Me…deep in thought, because Miami is the Harvard of Ohio. (:


I had such a great weekend, and so much fun with all of my friends(: Miami is a beautiful school, and I can’t wait to go back and visit! 

So lets get down to business now:

I went to the gym with my cousins today, and made my PR of 7 miles! 
Now I can finally cross off week 4 of training! YAY! 
Now it gets very boring running on a treadmill…so sometimes I may start mouthing the words to a song (hence the title of the blog), anywho that’s how I keep occupied, when there’s nothing to look at but a brick wall…and Rush Hour 3 (not my favorite movie ever). 

Have a great Sunday everyone! Also for all students on Spring Break this week, be safe and have fun! (: 


Terrific Thursday !

Hello everyone! 

I hope your Thursday is going well! I apologize for not posting a lot this week, I’ve been studying for exams and making time for other plans before my spring break hits! 

It has been a very crazy, yet quick week! 
So let’s begin at the beginning of the week, since I’ve been away for some days. (: 

Sunday- I ran a 5K with my cousins outside in the cold! Burrr! The wind was not fun on the run back, but my pace and timing was great! 
Monday- The regular ole’ stretch and strengthen….bundles of fun(:
Tuesday– 3.5 miles on the treadmill then yoga cool down after. 
Wednesday-Rest Day!  I switched it up, because my schedule for today was better than yesterdays. 
Today- 3.1 miles + stretch and strengthen(:

I also have other very exciting news…(for me at least)

Ok so here’s the story: Yesterday in my student union Neuro Water was passing out free drinks and raffling off a spring break bag, filled with wonderful goodies! And guess who won the raffle? ME! (: I’m very excited because I usually never win anything, and this was a great gift basket! 

Inside: A wonderful cooler, towel, Vita Coco Water T-shirt, TONS of Coco-water, Neuro Drinks, frisbee, beach mat, beach ball, sunscreen, Aloe lotion, flip flops, squishy ball, sunglasses, four cups, water bottle, and a tote bag ! (: 

It was all free! 

For those of you who don’t know, Neuro is a supplement drink that is filled with vitamins for various things. Today, I tried their passion drink, which is for pre-workout. I try to stay away from supplement drinks, because I know they’re not-so-great for the average human. (Olympians? Yes.)  I usually just stick to drinking water and ice tea.  (But hey, it’s free!) Anyway, I will have to say I was quite impressed with how it fueled my workout. Passion is filled with caffeine, so I’m sure that had a factor, but I did not have a stomach ache or feel sick while exercising (like I feared I was going to feel). The drink itself is slightly carbonated and has a light berry taste. I can’t say the best thing I’ve ever tasted, but it’s definitely a good mix-up from just drinking water all the time. One thing I didn’t like about Neuro is the caffeine content. I truly try to stay away from caffeine because I’m very sensitive to it. The bottle even recommends for children and people sensitive to caffeine to not drink it. Therefore, I’m waiting for my body to crash(: . All in all, if you can handle caffeine well, and like taking dietary supplements this drink is for you! Lol. Below I’ll provide the website of Neuro, if you want to learn more about it! 

Have a great evening! 

Neuro: http://drinkneuro.com/

Writers Block


After a very eventful week, training truly helped me relax. 
This morning, I got my training done early while finishing the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie. [3 miles plus cross-training=conquered.]

 According to my training schedule I’m suppose to have two rest days this week, due to a 5K on Sunday. Yesterday was my first rest day…and will be my only rest day this week. 

I’m not sure what it is, but it’s hard for me to take two days off without training. Tomorrow I will be running and cross-training like normal. (Maybe I’ll go a little easy, who knows?!)

Anyway, I’m not sure if it’s the weekend getting to me, but I have had writers block this whole time writing this blog.

AHHHHHHHHHH (One of the worst.things.ever.)

So today here is how I’d like to end the blog:

In the movie series Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow’s compass points to whatever direction it is he wants most. “What is it you want most?” 

My question for you this weekend is to think about what you want most.
If you could have a compass to point whatever direction you want, what way would you choose? Apply it to a goal. Then think about how you can achieve the goal. What barriers will be in the way, and how will you make time for it? 

Give it a little thought, I’d love to hear some feedback! (: 

Want to know what I want most? 

Warm Weather.         ….kidding! (But really) 

😀 Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Stay warm if you’re somewhere cold! And if you’re somewhere warm… I’m jealous d:







Hurts so bad, feels so good.

The burn, the wonderful burn.  
I am pretty sure I’ve stretched my left calf a little to much this week, so I went easy on that part of my leg. 

You know what I didn’t go easy on? Everything else.

I began my workout a little backwards today which involved me running last.

First I did a bunch of glute,leg, and arm exercises (ones that didn’t put to much weight on my calf), then I did a whole bunch of abs.  

After, I ran for ten minutes. 

Ten minutes…really Sam?

Yes really. Ten hard minutes. Throughout the ten minutes, I sprinted while changing the incline every minute. I began at a 10 incline and worked my way down to 1. I was so red and sweaty after! It hurt so bad but felt so good! 

Today I tried hard to not put much tension or weight on my calf, and hopefully those ten minutes on the treadmill didn’t mess it up too much. Below is the circut I did before I ran…enjoy! 

Cotton, the fabric of our lives

Welcome to the Weekend! I hope everyone has had a fantastic week! 

Today I completed my first Friday training which was running 3 miles then strengthen. I mainly worked out my abdominal, triceps, and biceps after running! Instead of listening to music (which gets boring for me sometimes) I popped in Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and watched until my workout was over! 

So as you know I’m learning the ups and downs of running, and today I found out it’s not good to run in cotton.

At first I was confused (because I run in cotton material all the time), then after  a little research I found out why.  

Here’s the deal:

Wearing cotton holds sweat in your shirt, which will make you colder  (in the winter) and sticky-er (in the summer) by having the sweat stick to your skin..eww! It also can weigh you down from the sweat accumulating in the fabric, and did I mention body acne ? Uh oh! 

So what can you do ? 

Fortunately there’s many other fabrics we can wear when running, and better lighter options! First of all we all know there is work-out clothes everywhere! (Under-armor, Nike, Adidas, Target, Kohl’s..to name a few) So wearing material like spandex or polyester is always a great alternative option! 

One of my favorite shirts to run in is a under armor dry-fit tank-top. I bought it at an outlet a year ago! It’s comfy and controls sweat. I also own cold gear (which is designed for running in the cold) and heat-gear (for running in the heat). I have to admit I am an under armor fan, but I also own Target’s fitness gear and some of Kohl’s! 

The Catch:

I understand fitness clothes can cost an arm and a leg, but luckily outlet stores help bring down the price! I can’t ever remember buying a sports bra or under armor sweatshirt for full price, because I’ve always bought workout gear on sale! Exercise clothes are not a fashion statement. Wear whatever is comfortable and works for you. Also keep in mind stores like T.J. Maxx or Marshall’s have fitness gear cheap too! And if you don’t live near an outlet mall or T.J. Maxx shop online or the sales racks at your mall! There’s sales everywhere! 6pm.com and Amazon has cheap brand name clothes all the time! 

In Conclusion:

If you are able to run in anything else but cotton, do it. And have a great weekend!