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New look: January Training Plan

After a very busy 2014, I finally brought back my training plans! They are meant for my personal use, but feel free to always follow along! I also encourage you to make your own.
This year I’m trying to become a bit more organized planning my schedule(s). As you can see, it has a new look! I’m going by weeks instead of days, and I planned my schedule around work, play, and school. January is my warm up month to the start of an exciting year. Check it out…

Training Plan_ January 2015

I also added “Cross Train Thursdays.” My goal is to do a new workout every week, while also cross training for my marathons and bike-a-thon. I hope to post about it every Thursday. Next, I will also have Three Mile Thursdays once a month. This will be my 5K challenge to try and beat my PR. Since it’s the first month of the year, I will be setting the time to beat. (let’s see how this goes)

What’s your fitness goal for the month?
Comment below!


Sneak Peak Sunday

Welcome to the beginning of a new and wonderful week everyone! Can you believe January is almost over?

Which means….my February running schedule will be  up in a few days! Here’s a sneak peek….



I’ve decided with my monthly running schedules, I’ll be putting a quote at the bottom of each one. This quote begins with “Run like you’re falling madly in love” …why?
Because Valentine’s Day is this month duh!
…oh and my birthday(:
So in February for whatever you may  be training for…run for something or someone and love every moment of it!

2014 so far…


I can’t say I’ve been able to run as much as I wanted to this month. Some of the reasons include the weather, and the other is being sick.

I started off January 1st with a 72 hour flu  then continued to be stuck in my home from the weather. No mileage was covered for about a week until I was able to go somewhere.

Luckily once the weather emergencies were lifted, I was able to go to my gym and run, quickly putting my running schedule back on track.

Until today.
This morning I woke up with a dry cough and chest pains. Being an asthmatic I knew I needed to get right on this. So after two hours at the doctors today, I’ve been diagnosed with bronchitis. No running for me, for at least a week.

Even though I’m sick, I’m beyond happy it’s not H1N1.

So, now I’m taking it easy and hoping to get better quickly! I also want to post this chart I found on Pinterest, for anyone who’s dealing with the flu or like-symptoms.

I hope everyone stays warm, washes there hands, and takes lots of Vitamin C!

Stay Positive Everyone! Have a good Tuesday…and stay inside if you’re sick!