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Skinny is okay. Fat isn’t.

Fat. Skinny. We have been brought up in a society to where we have learned to overuse these two words. We’ve been “taught” that working out makes you skinny, sitting on the couch makes you fat. We’ve learned from our peers, our mothers, and society that using these two words are okay.

Because it’s describing a person, it’s describing yourself, it’s describing what the media has drilled into our minds.

It’s a mother asking her Daughter “Does this make me look fat?”
It’s the daughter responding, “No, you are skinny.”
Because Skinny is okay, Fat isn’t.

Well if skinny is okay and fat isn’t, then I better start working out.
I better start eating less.
Can’t gain that weight, can’t put it back on.
Gotta fit into that dress.

Because skinny is okay, fat isn’t.

I fit into the dress.
Will they call me skinny?
Please call me skinny.

They didn’t call me skinny.
Am I fat? Am I fat?

Should I tell my mom?
“Mom I look fat.”

She replies,
“No, you look skinny.”

Because skinny is okay, fat isn’t.

Gotta keep eating less.
Gotta keep running further.

Do I look like that model yet?
Am I as skinny as her yet?

I bought new clothes.
I lost the weight.
Am I skinny yet?

“Friend, does this shirt make me look fat?”
“No. You are skinny.”

I’m skinny.
I made it.

Gotta tell my Mom.

“Mom look how skinny I look in this dress.”

“You’re too skinny.”

But skinny is okay…fat isn’t.

Stop using the word skinny. Stop using the word fat. Start using the word healthy, beautiful, glowing, etc. Our body size does not define us. Your body is beautiful. Your soul is beautiful.

This week is National Eating Disorder Week. Please take a moment to educate yourself about the illness and ways your can help. Go to http://nedawareness.org/ to learn.


Are you Overtraining?

Are you Overtraining?

Hi everyone, 

Today I read this fantastic article about overworking your body. 

Did you know working out too much can be bad for you? 

Read to find out more! 

Reasons why I Run…

This is a new twist to my blog, that I’m hoping will work. I want to post a forum weekly about why all of you viewers choose to live a fit life. I want to share YOUR story on my blog for motivation and inspiration. It doesn’t have to be about running, but it does have to be about a healthy lifestyle. And of course, it can be anonymous. So let me ask my first question….

What are some reasons why you run?  

New Year. New Miles.


I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year’s Eve, and spent quality time with friends and family!

It’s officially 2014 and what better way to start the year off, then making a few goals?

Last night, I wrote down my personal fitness goals for the new year, and I’d love to share them with you!

  1. Run at least 2 Half-Marathons 
  2. Run a Half-Marathon under 2 hours and 15 minutes 
  3. Run over 200 Miles in 2014 
  4. Eat clean, cut out processed food as much as possible.
  5. Give up Chocolate for one month. (This will be extremely hard, since I’m addicted)
  6. Bike 100 Miles in a MS Bike Tour 
  7. Run a Marathon. 

This morning I kicked off the New Year with a total of one mile on the treadmill, in a new pair of running shoes. WOO!
Over 200 miles here I come! 

What’s some of your fitness goals in 2014? 

I Know I’m A Runner When…

I think: I could be running right now.

When I have my hour and 15 minute lectures, I sometimes calculate how many miles I could complete if I didn’t attend class. (a little over six miles to be exact)

When else do I calculate how many miles I can run in a period of time?

When I have four hour labs. (Insert boredom face here)
I could run a half-marathon in that time. Even PAST 13.1 miles if I was truly up to it.

To sum this post up, running is always on my mind.
Is this a problem? Maybe.
Is it an addiction? Definitely.
Is it healthy? Sure, if you consider paying money to run x amount of miles is(;

As of now I have thirty minutes before my next class. How far could I run in this time?
A: A 5K.

Have a great Thursday everyone!
Thanks for reading my runners rant!

Do any of you do the same thing? Please tell me I’m not the only one!

30 Days of Thanks (Day 25)

No makeup. I love when people (especially woman) embrace their true beauty without it. It’s truly inspiring and important to be comfortable in your own skin. All images posted of celebrities are altered. These images impact our definition of beauty. It’s truly upsetting to see so many young women obsess over looking “perfect.” I will fully admit I’ve done it. It’s hard not too. But what’s most important is to realize that we all have our own kind of beauty. So today I’m thankful for…my own skin. I don’t need to cover up, and neither do you. Embrace those freckles or whatever might make you unique.


Be you. #ThisIsMe #NoMakeup

Spur of the Moment

Today I signed up for a race that’s on Saturday…completely spur of the moment. (Thanks to my cousins who asked!)

But I can’t tell you what it is  or it will ruin the fun. Let’s just says it’s making up for the two races I missed last Saturday due to my strep throat (which I feel much better btw)

Also know that I won’t be going for a timed distance. All that matter is I finish.

Can you guess how many miles I’ll be running Saturday morning?!

I can’t wait to share with you!!!

30 Day of Thanks (Day 26)


Let me start this off by letting you know that I do not hate you. Yes, I said it.  I am very thankful to have you in my life. You may be my second choice, but know that you are a truly amazing piece of technology.

You help me cope when the weather’s bad.

You hold my water through my toughest miles

And no matter what you’ll always be in the same place whenever I need you.

So thank you treadmill for always being there, when the sun cannot.

Although we have a love/hate relationship know that I appreciate you for being in my life. Without you, I couldn’t have accomplished the miles I have.

30 Days of Thanks (Day 28)

My major is awesome. Visual Communication Technology is exactly what I want my degree to be in.

My whole life I’ve loved technology, design, drawing, photography, and layouts. With this major I am able to do countless things. I am so thankful for being able to find a major in exactly what I want to do. Especially since I’ve been doing similar things my whole life.

VCT is print, photography, interactive media, and video and I love every second of it. (: