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New look: January Training Plan

After a very busy 2014, I finally brought back my training plans! They are meant for my personal use, but feel free to always follow along! I also encourage you to make your own.
This year I’m trying to become a bit more organized planning my schedule(s). As you can see, it has a new look! I’m going by weeks instead of days, and I planned my schedule around work, play, and school. January is my warm up month to the start of an exciting year. Check it out…

Training Plan_ January 2015

I also added “Cross Train Thursdays.” My goal is to do a new workout every week, while also cross training for my marathons and bike-a-thon. I hope to post about it every Thursday. Next, I will also have Three Mile Thursdays once a month. This will be my 5K challenge to try and beat my PR. Since it’s the first month of the year, I will be setting the time to beat. (let’s see how this goes)

What’s your fitness goal for the month?
Comment below!


An open letter to “Why we all hate your 13.1 Sticker.”

Today while scrolling through my Facebook feed I saw Hal Higdon’s Marathon post this lovely blog post… https://medium.com/i-m-h-o/why-we-all-hate-your-13-1-sticker-af261799c10

If you haven’t read it yet. I highly suggest you do.
The person’s opinion states that all people who have these 13.1, 26.2, etc. are bragging about the milage they’ve completed in a race. Here’s a piece from the post, that truly makes me laugh…

“You’re only impressing yourself
It would have been enough to have an oval sticker with “RUN” on it, or maybe a picture of a running shoe. Something that simply states, “I enjoy running,” and nobody would have any problems with it. But by putting “13.1″ on the sticker it says that you think that you’re better than everyone else because a) you run and assume others don’t, and b) you run more than other runners. It’s not enough for you to just say you like running, you feel the need to prove it with numbers. Nobody likes a bragger.

Why do you need to defend your interests? How do you prove an opinion? Having “13.1″ or “26.2″ doesn’t mean you like running any more or less than anyone else, or that you’re any better at it. When do we see the “52.4″ sticker? And then what, a “104.8″ sticker? Where’s it stop?”

So to answer your open ended question… I’ll tell you when it will stop.

The answer? It will never stop. People will keep running. And will never stop putting those small oval stickers on our car. Would you like to know why? Because we’re proud. We are proud of accomplishing something we never thought we could do. We’re proud of being a part of such a large supportive community of positive people.
So before you assume that we’re “bragging” maybe you should learn why some of us have these stickers on our car.
Do you know why I have my 13.1 on my car? Of course you don’t- because if you did, you wouldn’t have wrote that article. But let me tell you why 13.1 is on MY car…

I began running my freshman year of college in mid December after going through a very tough time. Previous to that, I was a very unhappy, self-conscious and anxious person. I never thought I could follow through or accomplish anything without the support of someone else. I was dependent on someone else’s opinions and needs. But thankfully, my cousins asked me to run 13.1 miles with them in April 2013. My first immediate thought was that I would never be able to. I gave excuse after excuse, and then after a few days of convincing, I signed up for my first half. So in February, I began officially training with my cousins- and at the end of the first week- I ran my first 5 miles. Those first 5 miles motivated me. After running that day, I knew I could run the half. So I kept training, and I trained hard. I learned to motivate myself and most of all- I learned to be happy with myself. I gained independence. I knew I could do anything I set my mind to. The week before my first half- I ran 12 miles and I cried the last .3 miles because I was so close to accomplishing something I never imagined I could do on my own. I’ll never forget this moment- and I’ll never forget crossing the finish line at my first half-marathon. So why do I have 13.1 on my car?
To remind myself that I can do anything. That I can accomplish goals if I work hard. It’s so much more than a sticker. So what if I am impressing myself? BFD. I can tell you now that I’m not impressed that someone went to OBX for vacation when I see those stickers. I slap my 13.1 sticker every time I’ve completed a run outside- because I know I’m a step closer to my goals. I also have it on my car to motivate and inspire others. Because if I can run a half-marathon, others can too. So before you think a runner is “bragging” about their milage, how about you ask why they wanted to run those distances. Because 99.9% of the time- there will always be a story behind it.

Running has changed my life- get over it.

P.S. Wait until you see my 26.2 sticker in 2015. I bet that’s gonna really piss you off. #idontgiveAF
P.P.S I love running- like how people love OBX

Update: The blogger has removed his post.

Training Blues.

This post is going to be kind of long tonight, considering I haven’t posted any content since January.

First things first: I’ve been busy. Extremely busy. With that being said I put my blog on the back burner for a few months. I needed to focus more on school, work, training, and all other life related events.

Second: Let’s talk about my training for my fourth half-marathon.

I’m going to start this out by saying the word…difficult.  This is the first time I’ve had an extreme amount of trouble training for a half-marathon. Not only because my schedule has been busy, but because of my own health and Ohio’s INSANE winter. A good chunk of January, and a little into February I was sick with multiple different viruses. [Bronchitis, cold, flu you name it…I had it.] Unfortunately, this put a hold on a good chunk of my training January-February. Although when I was well enough to run, it was on the treadmill.

Which leads me to my third topic: The DREADmill. 

dreadmill[Image found on Pinterest] 

This winter, I got to know the treadmill a little too well. But for most of January-March the treadmill was the only option. Winter has been brutal this year…for everyone. (I know I’m not the only runner who feels this way and I hope we can all vent back and forth about ice and snow.) Anyway since I’ve gotten to know the treadmill waaaayyy to well this winter, there’s one thing I’d like to tell it: See you in late late late December.
I can’t say I completely hate the treadmill,  but I can’t say I love it either. Using the treadmill for so long, has truly caused so much pain in my shins! Today I had to get off at .3 miles because my left shin was in so much pain. Not only was I frustrated, I was embarrassed. My 3 miles I planned to run, turned into a half hour ride on the stationary bike. Therefore I decided after today’s catastrophe…I quit. I’m giving up on the Treadmill  until there’s extreme ice and snow on the ground again. Luckily, it looks like Ohio is finally warming up. FINALLY! No more below freezing temperatures or icy conditions that will keep me inside this spring! I’m so done with being in a gym! Unless it’s below 20 degrees, you’re about to see my butt out on the road training.

Therefore, that last sentence brings me to my final topic: Half-Marathon Emotions. 


There is exactly one month until the race. And how do I feel? Scared. I’ve barely gotten any good long runs in and I wanted to PR this half. So far, (as you can tell) my training hasn’t gone smoothly. Because of this, it’s been hard for me to stay motivated and inspired. So I’ll fully admit I’m a bit scared to run in it. I’m not afraid I won’t finish, but I am afraid that I won’t finish strong.  Although, I’m aware that I still have one full month of training left. I still have a little bit of a chance of turning my training around. So here’s to one more month of training!
[Also, I’m asking for some motivation! I’m going to need it! Comment below, Thank you!!]

Now I’ll end this post with my April Training Schedule. Here’s to run-able weather!



My 26.2 Emotions

I am so excited to train for a full marathon this year. I so badly can’t wait when I’m training to run past 13.1.

When I began training for my first half-marathon last year, I remember it feeling like such an accomplishment to run past a 5K… I almost cried. The feeling of doing something you’ve never done before is close to indescribable.

Unfortunately, I don’t feel that way anymore when I run past 3, 4, or 5 miles, because I’ve already done it. I know I can do it. Which is still a fantastic feeling, but not the same as completing it for the first time.

So my question for all of you runners is…

How do you feel when you run miles you’ve never completed before? 

Half-Marathon Recap

Hello Tumblr World! Happy Monday! (: 

Yesterday I finally completed my goal of running a half-marathon. The hard work finally paid off. And now it’s time for me to tell you about it. I’ll break it down….and try to keep it short.

4:30 A.M.: I woke up to start getting ready for my half-marathon. The race began at seven, but with the half being sold out we had to get there early. While getting ready at home it felt like I was in high-school again getting up for a regatta. 

5:15 a.m.: My dad and I pick my cousins up, and we’re off to the marathon! I packed cereal and a banana to nibble on before I run, but can’t seem to finish anything due to nerves. (And not being able to eat at 5 in the morning!!) My banana isn’t even half way finished before I threw it out. Womp Womp. ): 

6:00-ishIt begins to sprinkle. Rainis expected throughout the whole run. 

6:45 a.m: We make our way to the start line(: Nerves and emotions begin as the mayor and prospector welcome us. The National Anthem is sung, and a moment of silence is held for Boston. 

7:02 a.m.: THE RACE BEGINS! And it’s raining. Woo! 

….2 hours later (still raining)…

I finish my first half-marathon soaked to the bone. My official time of finishing was 2:16:41 with a pace of 10’26.

I never “guesstimated” a pace or time for me. For my first half I decided to just run, and not worry about a number. I gave 110% running yesterday in the cold wind and rain. I actually did much better than I thought! I’m very proud of myself, and so indescribably happy I’ve completed this goal of mine. I can’t wait to do it again(: 

I also know I couldn’t have finished the half if it wasn’t for my family and friends who came out to support my cousins, APO brother, and I. They all rocked it holding signs and cheering for us when we passed in the horrible cold rain! It gave me more motivation to run and finish. Even around mile 7-9 where I needed it most! Sure my running playlist helped motivate me, but nothing is better than people who care about you cheering you on! Even the strangers I didn’t know helped! My favorite part was the little kids holding their hands out to high five. I tried to high five most of them, because I know they think it’s cool(: I remember doing that when I was little at events! Also the posters spectators held, made me smile (: 
Here’s three of my favorites: “If running was easy, it’d be like your mother.” “Worst Parade Ever.” “It sounded like a good plan four months ago.”

I had a huge idea last night of what to write in my post, but I can’t remember it all. I guess I would say I’m at a loss for words. The purpose of this blog is about setting and accomplishing fitness goals, and I have one goal I’ve shared with all of you completed.
In the next post I will be sharing with you what my next fitness goal is(:
Until then, enjoy these pictures of the half-marathon! 


The day before at the marathon expo! YAY


This i before the race! As you can see, underneath our raincoats, we are wearing blue and yellow for Boston(: 


See me? In the bright salmon color? This photo was taken between mile 7 and 8. Still powering through in the wet weather! 


Coming up to the finish! At this point I’m all smiles. I can see the finish line and the excitement is stirring. I finish strong! 


About twenty minutes later my cousin finishes! We’re so freaking cold! But accomplished and happy(:


We all meet up in the “party tents” after the race! Showing off our new piece of medal (; …and trying to get warm.




My sister, getting her butt up early to support my cousins and I! (:


Okay, this is what I come home to. My dog with a sign around her neck. What a freak.


Annndddd hours after the race, finally warm. I’m surrounded with my bib number, a half-marathon glass, my medal, flowers, and my new 13.1 marathon shirt! WOO!

 Have a great Monday everyone. Remember that any goal can be completed if you work hards toward it! It will always pay off in the end!