Long overdue update! 

Wow this semester has been busy! I’m glad to say it’s over and I’m officially a senior! Where has the time gone?  Over the past month I ran my sixth half marathon and biked 180 miles for Children’s Miracle Network! 

So I’m going to fit a very short and sweet recap on this post. 

Bikes for Tikes: 

Bikes for Tikes is a 3 day bike ride from Cincinatti back up to Bowling Green Ohio. It’s 180 miles total with about 150 college students biking, raising awareness and money for Children’s Miracle Network. The weekend is filled with lots of hills (lots of BIG hills), tears, and emotions as 150 students conquer 180 miles for children in the hospital. 

My personal journey on this ride was extremely rewarding. I was so lucky to have spent the weekend biking for CMN. Although I trained, I was in no way prepared for the hills and wind that became a part of my bike trip. I walked my bike up a few hills on the first day, but rode up the rest on the two remaining days- my legs thanked me for it later. I did better than I thought I was going to. I had some doubts before the ride, but I knew I had the mentality to finish. I powered through on each leg until the last one. The last big leg of our ride- I hit my first wall ever. The wind was brutal, and I wanted to give up. I was by myself in the middle of a farm road. This was my lowest point-my wall. But I pushed through. I was so happy to finally see the break before our last leg. After all the bikers finished that brutal leg, we all rode together back to Dance Marathon in BG. Our “welcome home” entrance was amazing. There was happy tears everywhere. (You can observe my swollen face in the pictures below) I’m so happy I was able to be apart of such a wonderful adventure. 

                 And the result? Two  sunburnt biker hands. 😂

Half Marathon: 

Glass City round 3! This wasn’t my best half and it wasn’t my worst. However I did manage to pull my hamstring. But I’m all healed now(: here’s some pictures! 



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