Half-Marathon Recap (Round 5)

It’s official! On November 4th, 2014 I completed my fifth half-marathon.
My best friend completed her first.
My cousin completed her fourth.

Oh, and I forgot to mention- I’ve never been so happy to cross a finish line in my life.

Here’s why:

The morning started out great. I bundled up in numerous layers, stuffed large amounts of tissues in my pockets, and put on my “turtle neck scarf”- ready to conquer Ohio’s cold November weather. I then was dropped off at the start, and met up with my bestie and cousin as we warmed up for the run.

At 9:00am the gunshot went off and we began this hilly and cold 13 mile run. Everything was going wonderfully. I was rocking out to Beyonce while running next to my best friend, and cousin. Then at mile 2.5 I passed my Brothers in my co-ed fraternity cheering me on while passing out water. (I even got a little choked up)

Unfortunately, once we hit mile 3, my side cramped up and I had to walk.
The sharp pain didn’t fully go away until somewhere in between miles 6 and 7.
I did a lot of walking in between these miles. Even stopping to stretch my side.

Luckily at mile 7 I took off on my runners high, hoping to gain back the time I lost.

I ran as much as I could- and walked only twice going up two very large inclines.
Then I finally crossed the finish line- with my slowest time ever- but hey, at least I did it right?

About 10 minutes after my best friend crossed the finish line and soon after my cousin followed.

Oh, also…I cried a lot.

So there’s my fifth 13.1 re-cap. Now, here’s some pictures(:

1502513_10205529260818739_8834263634222443967_n This is my WTF where’s the finish line face. ^


1470169_10205529279739212_9113703565883630541_nBest Friend on the left, cousin on the right(:



Never been so happy to get a medal.

Now onto marathon training!


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