It’s Time to Begin…Isn’t It?

Words cannot describe my excitement for this announcement.
If you’ve read my blog since the beginning- you should know that this title, means there’s some type of race training coming up.

Since I have no idea how to word this, I’ll just come out and say it….

MARATHON TRAINING. That’s right. 26.2 freakin’ miles.
I’m finally making the time to train for a full marathon in Spring 2015.

My “official” pre-training starts this month- right after I run the Hot Chocolate run in Columbus.  However, since I’m running my fifth half-marathon this weekend and second 15K the next- I think I’ll be running from here on out.

BUT WAIT! There’s more! 

I will also be training the same time to bike 180 miles two weeks before my full!  The event is called Bikes for Tikes. Myself- along with 100 other college students will be biking from Cincinnati, OH back to the University I attend. This event is a part of Dance Marathon- which occurs at many colleges each year. I will be raising money to bike For the Kids, and all the money will go to Children’s Miracle Network. (:
Here’s my donation page:

I’m so excited for training to begin! It’s about to be a wild ride!
And I’ll be posting way more about the ups and downs of my training(:

See ya soon!



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