30 Days of Thanks (Day 4-3)

These past two days I have been thankful for my family. 


I have a really really really large family. Got it? 

That’s why there’s two days of thanks dedicated to it. 

They are all awesome. Every single one has done something great. They inspire me to do things I thought I could have never done. Also, I know they’re always there to talk to. That’s the great thing about them.  Friends leave, but you’re stuck with family (; 
And who else could teach me how to throw such great parties? 

So lets all remember that this Thanksgiving. So, you’re family is dysfunctional? Who’s isn’t. Some maybe worse than others…but they’ll have your back. We all express love in different ways, so show your family how much you love them. Complement your Aunt on the stuffing you can’t stand to eat. She took time out of her day to make it. So thank her, even if it’s your least favorite part. You could make a family members day. 


Today, I’m thankful for my big huge,loud,and lively family(: 

You all make me laugh. 


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