Weekend Wrapup

This weekend was perfect.

On Saturday I finished my second season as a Coach with Girls on the Run. (:

I was so proud of every GOTR who crossed the finish line. After GOTR I packed up and went to my next race…

The Hot Chocolate 15K!!! 

This is my favorite race by far. Why?

It involves chocolate…and running. My two favorite things mixed together! 😀

Anywho…I ran the race with my best friend. (Literally BFF4L2D)
It was her first long race and I am so so so proud of her(:

9.3 miles is HUGE, especially in the pouring rain. Womp. Womp.
But hey, after one half marathon and two 5K’s in the rain, I’m use to it by now (;

get-attachment (10)

At packet pick-up! Who wouldn’t want a picture next to this puff ball?

get-attachment (8)

I bought this shirt at the event. It basically explains my life in one sentence.

Bib mug shot anyone?

get-attachment (7)

After the race, enjoying our victory chocolate!

If you are close to an area that host the Hot Chocolate Run, I highly recommend you run it. 9.3 miles has never been so much fun!


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