I Know I’m A Runner When…

I think: I could be running right now.

When I have my hour and 15 minute lectures, I sometimes calculate how many miles I could complete if I didn’t attend class. (a little over six miles to be exact)

When else do I calculate how many miles I can run in a period of time?

When I have four hour labs. (Insert boredom face here)
I could run a half-marathon in that time. Even PAST 13.1 miles if I was truly up to it.

To sum this post up, running is always on my mind.
Is this a problem? Maybe.
Is it an addiction? Definitely.
Is it healthy? Sure, if you consider paying money to run x amount of miles is(;

As of now I have thirty minutes before my next class. How far could I run in this time?
A: A 5K.

Have a great Thursday everyone!
Thanks for reading my runners rant!

Do any of you do the same thing? Please tell me I’m not the only one!


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