How to Make the Most out of your Race Day

Running can be boring. Especially when you’re running long distance. Below are some suggestions on how to stay motivated on race day!

1. If you run with music…ImageMake a bomb-diggity playlist! (YES BOMB-DIGGITY). Oh, and don’t forget to dance while your running or sing along. I do it all the time! Sure I might look ridiculous but It takes my mind off the road and actually motivates me.

Like my playlist name? :*
You bet I have NSYNC on there!

2. High Five the smaller spectators…

You better if they have their hand out waiting! They came to cheer you on, why not thank them by giving them a high five back? Remember when getting a high five from someone older was the COOLEST THING EVER? Also high five the adults too. Everyone is there to motivate you!


I know you just got excited about that web-high five right now.
Think about how excited kids get with the real thing!

3. Thank the Volunteers…


They got their awesome butt up early before you even arrived to the race! Not many people could run a race without volunteers. Heck! I don’t even know if there would be any races today without volunteers. They rock! (And hand us glorious water every other mile!)  I always thank the person who hands me H20. ALWAYS!!!

4. Pose for Pictures… 

Who doesn’t want awesome (and sometimes embarrassing) photos after their race! Also who cares if you look like a sweaty mess. Running isn’t suppose to be easy!


Exhibit A & Exhibit B.

5. Congratulate other Runners…

You both did it! Share the love! You just lapped everyone sleeping in their nice warm comfy… Never-mind! You just accomplished an amazing thing. Don’t forget to get your medal and free goodies afterwards!



And last but not least… 

EAT ALL THE FOOD! You just burned a 389240958249 calories. Go eat your favorite meal with your medal proudly around your neck.


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