I moved!

To a different blog host, that is. WordPress is now my new home for my posts and updates. I will still be posting these to Tumblr too as my post’s grow. 

I moved, because I wanted to have a little more control over my webpage, and to try something new. What’s new? A lot! I’m re-doing Working it Out to make it a more interactive blog with followers! 

Here’s what you’ll be seeing more of… 

  1. Recipes: Eating healthy, when you’re busy and on a budget.                                                             (Broke and in college…anyone?)
  2. Workout Training Plans: 5K, 10Ks, Halfs, Fulls, Misc. (:
  3. More inspiration and motivation! Cause who doesn’t love that?!
  4. Weekly Recap: My weeks are busy (Hello Adult Life!) So Weekly Recap will be on Saturdays
  5. Reasons why I Run: A weekly post  that will contain a quote from myself or others to why they run!

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