This is Me

My awesome GOTR co-coach and I!

Last night I went to a wonderful fundraiser for Girls on the Run (who I coach for). The event was called “This is Me” and focused on bringing out women and young girls true beauty without makeup. Prior to the event, I volunteered to have my picture taken without makeup to promote “This is Me” & also show that it’s okay to be comfortable in your own skin. (wish I had the photo!).

In this day in age it is so important to realize that it is more than okay to not wear makeup. I believe it’s important to teach young children about a positive body image, because the media more than ever is in our daily lives, constantly flashing images of flawless celebrities and models. Young children looking at these images need to learn that those celebrities are not perfect. Better yet, everyone needs to learn that it’s okay if you’re not flawless or perfect- because no one should be. Every little odd freckle or hair makes up who we are. Those things we may call “imperfections” may be the exact reason why somebody loves us.

I would be lying if I said I never wear makeup. I love wearing it! Mascara is my go to tool because it brings out my blue eyes. So yes it’s completely okay to wear makeup! I love how it helps bring out my beauty even more! Also I’m completely okay without wearing makeup too. It’s important to learn how to be comfortable in our own skin. Of course, I am a bit self-conscience if I have a pimple on my face but I don’t over obsess about it. Sure zits are not-so-pretty, but they go away. It’s one of the smaller things we have to deal with in life. So no worries, okay?(: 

Embrace your true beauty and show the world. Be confident, be strong, and be happy. 

Because no one is the exact same.  

This is Me. 

#nomakeup #beforeThisIsMeEvent 

Amazing t-shirt I bought at the event. 


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