Guess What?!

Saturday morning I completed my SECOND Half-Marathon. It was great! Not as great as my first 13.1 miles, but it definitely was a fantastic run!

I had a wonderful and steady 9’40 pace up until mile 10, when my left leg gave out. ….(That was not-so-fantastic). I had to pull off to the side and stretch and run my last three miles wayyyyy more slower than anticipated. My finishing time was 2:25:14. Which wasn’t even close to the time I was shooting for. I was trying to beat my first half’s time (which was 2:16:41). Eh, oh well better luck next time! Here’s some of my fav photo’s from the race(: 

Here’s my a handful of my brothers from Alpha Phi Omega. As you can see I wasn’t the only one running. They all did amazing and the brother I’m next to in the photo PR’d! You can read about it by clicking here
 The brothers behind us runners, volunteered and I’m so grateful for them helping! I don’t believe many people can run a race without volunteers. Whether it was passing out water or stopping traffic they did amazing! (And cheered us on!)


 This is me around mile 8. I felt amazing! (AKA before my leg gave out) 

My big and my twin came and volunteered and cheered us on as we ran! (I apologize for my ratchet-sweaty-looking self) 

Ah yes! The finish line! As you can tell, I’m pretty excited. And oh, I forgot to mention I did come in third place in my age group(: YAY! I got a cup which I’ll post later. 

But for now I can cross “running a second half-marathon” off of my goal list. So what’s next on the agenda? 

Check out my upcoming races page to find out! 

Have a great rest of the week everyone! 


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