No run. No train. No shoes.

Saturday morning’s 9 mile run was amazing. My average pace was 9’33 and I felt unstoppable.That is, until I got home and took my shoes off. For the past two days I’ve been dealing with a humongous blood blister on the bottom of my foot. I haven’t been able to run since and it’s driving me crazy, especially since I have a 5K race this weekend.

So what has caused this sore? I’ve came to the conclusion that it’s not my socks, nor my running technique, but my shoes. 

I’ve decided to retire my Nike shoes from long distance runs. I’ve been having issues with my Air Pegasus shoe ever since June with blistering on the bottom of my feet. At first, I thought it was just the shoe breaking in, but almost every time I’ve ran in them a blister on the arch of my foot has formed.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Nike and especially love Nike+. But unfortunately this shoe did not work out for my foot type. 

Back to the Asics.



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