Sprints and such

Yesterday, instead of following my normal training schedule…I ran sprints around my University’s track…

Well…not a lot of sprints. But enough to tire me out! 

You see, I’m not much of a sprinter. I never have been. And if I didn’t have my friend there running with me, I would have just jogged. 

Before I began my sprints, I ran a mile around. And after I sprinted around the whole track..I felt like I was going to die. And I probably would have if my friend wouldn’t have taught me how to sprint properly. 
So, she took a lap with me and off we went. Oh gosh, was I sprinting way wrong. My second lap was much better and much quicker than my first. I didn’t “fly and die” like I did on the first lap. So I sprinted a few more, and I was done for the day. 

My running buddy and I definitely balanced each other out. She knows how to sprint. I don’t. I know how to run long distances. She’s just getting use to 3 miles. 

It will be a good learning process for the both of us! (: 

Have a safe and fun filled weekend! 


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