Officially back to reality

That’s right. 

After another week long vacation it’s safe to say it’s back to work and well…life. 

I had a great week though with my best friends in Ocean Isle, North Carolina! I also loved loved loved running on the beach again and discovering new places to run to(: 

It was so humid running, but I got my 2.5 mile PR on Thursday! Woo!
Anyway, I also kayaked and took pictures this time! (Well, my mom did) 

So enjoy the (unedited) pictures I took on vacation!

I have to go run a 10K now in this heat! (Yikes!) 
Happy Sunday everyone, have a peaceful day! 

A view from our balcony 

Sunset beach bridge

Kayaking! Sadly I didn’t see any dolphins this time, but a huge fish jumped in front of me! (But I wondered what’s chasing that fish)

Jumping in the inlet(: 

On the beach I read the new issue, and it’s amazing! Highly recommended if you like half-marathons! 

My best friend and I, who I’ve literally known my whole life! We’re more like family(: 


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