Independence Eve!

Happy (almost) Fourth of July! 

The Fourth of July is my second most favorite holiday and I have so many exciting plans for the next couple of days! 

But first things first, 

I saw Despicable Me 2 last night… 
It.was. AMAZING. 
and if you love minions and the series as much as I do, I highly recommended you to go see it. 

ANYWHO enough talking about the greatest movie ever, let’s talk about half-marathon training. 

My run this morning was great. The weather is still staying cool, and I’m so loving it. A quick 2 miles with a 9’08 average pace, in a t-shirt (That’s how nice it was)!

I wasn’t able to run 3m like my training schedule says….only because I woke up a little later than planned. The snooze button was just calling my name today(: 
Anyway, I can’t wait to post about the Fourth! 

Have a great holiday everyone! 


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