Weekend Warrior

Hello Tumblr world and followers! 
I’m finally back from my two weeks of being MIA! 
So why have I been gone for so long? 
…Well last week I was on vacation, and was so busy this week I haven’t had time to post until now! Ah! 

But this year I traveled to Hilton Head and got to do my favorite thing in the world…

Run on the beach! 

Every year my family and I go on vacation I always make time to run on the beach. (Even before I was training for marathons!) 
I absolutely love running on the beach…especially in the morning. Here’s a big reason why… 




Workout face….. 😜 <

I took these photos on Father’s Day after running 2.5 miles on the wonderful sandy beach! ! I even saw dolphins and a horseshoe crab! 

Everyone has a favorite place to run or walk. What’s yours?! 

Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy the rest of my photo’s from my vacation! (: 


I’m that person that takes picture of food. But this is soooo good! It’s a crab cake sandwhich from the Salty Dog Cafe! Wish I was eating it today! 





I love taking photos! (: 

Hope your weekend is filled with fun! 



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