WOAH. Today I bought new running shoes! I’m excited /nervous because I switched brands! I loved my Asics, but the bottom of the shoe is shot. The past couple times I’ve gone for a run, I’ve noticed my feet began aching along with more frequent shin splint pain. Therefore after my run today I went to my trusty local running shop to show them my Asics & to look at new shoes.
I was between the newer upgrade of my Asics & the Nike’s. It was a hard decision (I have usually always bought Asics) but I believe I made the right choice. The newer version of my Asics didn’t feel as good like my older pair, whereas the Nike’s were slightly more comfortable, lighter, and felt “roomier.”
I also didn’t want to spend a buttload of money on my running shoes because I know I’ll be buying new ones before my full marathon. So these will do for now(:
Tomorrow morning I’ll be testing them out! I can’t wait!


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