Late Nights

So I just completed a night run with my friends as my body guards (riding their bikes). 
I only got about 2.3-2.5 miles before I was dying from the heat and humidity. 

(Insert crying face) 

I hate this heat! But I know I have to learn to train in it! Especially since I have four different types of races this summer, and a half-marathon at the end of August! 

I did eat a decent sized dinner so I’m sure that did have a factor, but the heat definitely got to me. 

Could anyone give me some advice on running in the heat? I’d much appreciate it! (: 
I already hydrate before and after, and take electrolytes depending how far and hot it is. But I want to know if anyone has any tricks they use for running in humidity and heat(: 

Thanks a bunch! 


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