And the conclusion is….

I hate the heat. Running in it at least. Preferably I enjoy mid 60’s/70’s with a nice breeze. Running in 80 degree weather with no wind? Oh heck no. But I did it anyway. (insert stressed face here) 

Today was my longest run since my half-marathon. Although I do have my “Macho May” training schedule posted, I wasn’t able to run 5 miles Sunday. (You know mom’s day and such) So today, I ran 4.5 miles instead of the 2 miles planned. It was a rough run….I blame the heat. 

I realize though this is all a part of my training. Since I began training for races, running longer distances, I have always trained in colder weather. It’s truly a challenge for me to run in heat. (Like I’m sure it is for many of you) 

But! I know I can do it. ….It’s just going to take some time to get use too. (insert crying face here) 

Anyway…I also apologize for going MIA for a few days(: 
It was a super eventful weekend! 
And two words to sum up my weekend: freakin’ fantastic.

Here’s one great thing I did this weekend(:
My friends and I are at the end! Enjoy!


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