Year one, done!

Today was my official last day on campus as a college freshman. Time has flown by! 
Now it’s finally summer where I’ll have time to make more money and train even harder…yay! 
But first, I’ll make this a little recap of my first year at college….

WOW! Time really does fly. So many things have changed when I look back to August. I never would have thought I would be running or training for marathons and races like I am now. I’d have to admit the fall of my freshman year was a rough start, but it has only gotten so much better. I’m so happy and blessed I joined Alpha Phi Omega because I have met some of the most amazing people ever! I’ve made so many new friends this year, and made even greater newer  memories with my old friends. I’ve learned so much this year, not only academically (; , but about myself and others. I’ve learned from mistakes I’ve made, and became stronger with situations I’ve faced throughout this year. If you asked me 8 months ago what my plan would be, I wouldn’t have said “marathon training.” My gosh, I might have not even done half of the things I’ve accomplished this year! (Dance marathon, GOTR coach, half-marathon, APO)
So with that being said, here’s three life lessons I’ve learned since August. 

  1. Never let anyone or anything control you. Always be yourself. If you let someone or something control you, you’ll lose yourself. Always, always, always…be around people who support you and love who you are. Never let anyone put you down. 
  2. Anything can be accomplishedIf you’re in the right mindset you can do anything and achieve anything. Never give up on something that will make you happy. Always be setting a goal to accomplish. 
  3. Don’t mind idiots. What they say about you, says so much more about them. If someone ever talks bad about you, or tries to…don’t sweat it. That’s when your true friends and family will support you, especially if they know it’s not true. Don’t be dramatic if it happens, let things pass, time heals everything(: Most drama kings/queens only want a reaction. Don’t give it to them ….(*note: drama queens/kings are only allowed for toddlers, not adults) (keep that in mind, be professional) 


There’s a short version of things I’ve learned(:
But really this year has been so amazing, and I am so happy it’s been great. My friends and family have made this year so memorable and I can’t wait to spend the summer with them! 

Thanks for being awesome guys, when life wasn’t so awesome(:

I will go back to my workouts and training tomorrow(:

Have a great Thursday! 


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