Onto the next one

With my 13.1 mile goal completed…here’s what will happen next…

drumroll please… 

I’m going to train myself for a faster and more constant pace. My running pace usually fluctuates between a 9’50 and 11’10 depending on the day. My next goal is to bring my pace down to at least a 9’something and keep it there. And then I will keep bringing it down once I’m comfortable with my 9’something pace(: 

What else is going on in the blog of Working it Out?

I’m glad you asked. Since my freshman year as a college student is two days away from being over, I will be posting so so so much more! With summer ahead I guarantee more intervals, workouts, and randoms to be posted about every day! I’ll have a little more time on my hands since schools out(: (aka no homework, studying) 
So with that being said I’ll also be training for my next race! 

Race Events

Which is Girls on the Run! I am a coach for wonderful 3-5th grade girls who will be running a 5K in June. 

After the 5K? I’ll be training for a triathlon in August! Also then training for another 5K called The Hell Run.

After the triathlon and Hell Run? Another half-marathon in the fall, with a faster time and pace(:

And then after the half-marathon….
Is to be determined(: 
But eventually I will run a full blown 26.2 marathon. I’m just not sure when yet. Also I’m sure my race schedule will change, with more events to come(: 

Keep posted! 

Have a terrific Tuesday! 


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