Dance Marathon 2013

Hello Tumblr and happy Monday! 

I have so much to talk about including Dance Marathon! 

This weekend was Dance Marathon at my University. I was a dancer who stayed on my feet awake for 32 hours  to raise money for Children s Miracle Network in our local hospitals. The money will go to things such as toys for the kids, machines  and anything the hospitals need to entertain or help the children. 
And I am proud to say that BGSU’s Dance Marathon raised $313,465.39 which is a total of 3 million adding up the years past. 

This weekend was filled with so many emotions. I laughed, cried, and smiled throughout the whole 32 hours of staying awake. I was in tears of joy, so proud to be apart of this marathon. I’m at a loss for words (and still tired) , so please excuse me if I don’t fully make sense. I’ll break it up into parts (: 

  • Throughout DM families who dealt with there childd disease came to speak and inspire us. Listening to miracle children’s families speak about their child’s disease or health issue was truly amazing, and it is incredible how strong those families are. I could never fathom what it’s like to be in the hospital for so long or what it’s like to lose a child. These families who came and spoke to us were truly an inspiration to keep me standing on my feet. The miracle children who were also there were so much fun and cute!    
  • Also many many emotions came towards the end of Dance Marathon, where the bikers (Who bike 180 miles back to the University for DM) came in. I was so happy to see many of my brothers in Alpha Phi Omega who biked. I was also so incredibly proud of everyone who danced, moraled, or biked for the kids. 
  • I would like to give a HUGE thanks to all of my brothers in Alpha Phi Omega who where there also dancing with me. They kept me going and even massaged my feet when they ached from standing and dancing. All of my brothers are so amazing and so positive.  
  • Towards the end of the dance marathon, many of my brothers came in to show us support. I lost it and balled my eyes out. But hey, everyone was. It was so amazing that we raised so much for the hospital and it was also so great that we were helping the kids we met throughout DM. Every brother and friend I turned to was crying (Which also made me cry more haha). We did it. We stood, biked, or moraled for 32 hours helping to make a difference, for the kids who deserve to be kids and not be labeled or held back because of a disease.. I never want to complain about a headache or stomach ache again, because it’s amazing what those kids have gone through. They are one of the strongest people I’ve ever met. It was life changing, and I can’t wait until Dance Marathon 2014 (: 

Want to know how I kept on my feet for 32 hours? 

  • I stayed positive! That’s it. I kept telling myself I could do it. I kept thinking of the kids who can’t stand, how lucky enough I’m able to. When it got hard, I pushed myself. “If everyone around me is standing, so can I”
  • I had fun! Having fun took so much thought off the fact I couldn’t sit down.
  • I payed money to sit. Yes ,Yes you were able to pay money (which went to the kids) to sit. I sat for 25 minutes total. And it was amazing. 

I don’t think I could ever sum Dance Marathon up in a blog post. I tried my hardest(: 
But to wrap it up, here’s some pictures from DM. Oh! I forgot to mention the theme was Superhero’s (: 

Me and Freddie the “iron man” Falcon

This was the rave we had in the middle of the night (Like 3 A.M. to be exact) It was awesome!!!! 

My superhero cape! 

This is my big Sally(: She bought me and my twin purple light up rings! Because purple was our DM team! 

On a side note…

I begin again my half-marathon training this week again! Also I’d like to announce I’m all better! No more nasty cold! Just allergies(: But hey, I can run and train! There is officially less than 3 weeks until I run! AHHHHH! I’m so excited! 


Have a great day everyone! 

Remember that anything is possible. 


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