Tomorrow I finally get to participate in Dance Marathon at my University! YAYAYAYAYAYAY! 

Now if you’re not familiar with what dance marathon is, it’s a 32 marathon where obviously every one dances oh and can’t sit on their butt for 32 hours… 


It’s all for a great cause. which helps raise money for Children Miracle Network (: 
And the more money a person raises, the more time they get to sit on their butt! 
So far I get to sit for 15 minutes…yup. Woot Woot. 

Now, as you know I’ve been fighting a horrible cold/allergies/asthma all week which has put a dent in my half-marathon training. 
Luckily though, I’m feeling better than I have been. Still not 100% but close(:
Next week I will be back to training hardcore! YAY! Really I can’t wait.  

Okay so let’s talk about Dance Marathon again! 
Help me help kids in hospitals by donating to this wonderful event I’m dancing for ! 

Click here to donate! 

Sunday or Monday I’ll be posting pictures/videos/whatever else about my time at DM (: 

OH! And also I got a Vine account. It’s one of my new favorite things (: 
Follow me! : samsam218 


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