Another allergy post.

Day 3 of no training. 
I’m about to go cray-cray. 

Having to blow my nose or sneeze every minute of the day has only frustrated me more and more. 

So like always I did some research about allergies and colds this time of year…here’s what I found…

Click here! 

Anyway if you didn’t click, it basically said the lingering cold and crazy weather temps are triggering allergies much more worse than last year. 


So everyone PUUUHHLEASE 

  • Take your Vitamin C 
  • Allergy Pills: Find the best that works for you
  • Wash your hands! Germs will Spread! (Even if you don’t get allergies)
  • Also: If you have bad springtime allergies (like myself) clean your house, sweep, and dust to get the pollen out of your house! 
  • And if your allergies turn into a virus (like mine d: )…rest. It sucks a bunch, but if you can’t breathe while exercising due to sickness, your body needs a break. Your immune system will thank you later for resting.
  • Last but not least….EAT HEALTHY! (: Fruits, vegetables, and protein will help build up your immune system super fast! (:

Enjoy your day everyone! Don’t let mother nature fool you!



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