Don’t let allergies get a-a-a-choo

Don’t let allergies get at you? Play on words? ha..? ha? ha?

My allergies have only gotten worse since Saturdays 10 mile run. I’m doing everything in my will-power to feel better, such as  ; allergy meds, tea, tissues, and resting.
Until then I’ll be taking a short break from training this week. Cause I NEED TO REST! (Don’t worry I’m not quitting)

But here’s why I’m taking a short break…

This weekend I will be taking part in a dance marathon at my University. This is a 32 hour “dancing marathon” where we can not sleep, sit, or have our butt touch the ground for 32 hours straight. Throughout these 32 hours we will be raising money for Children Miracle Networks for our surrounding hospitals. (We have also already raised a bunch!) Anyway, it’s a great cause and it’s all for the kids!
It’s my first time volunteering as a dancer at DM, and I am so excited and nervous.
– I am so very excited because I’ll be dancing with my brothers in Alpha Phi Omega on the Purple team (what, what! (: ) and also because I will be meeting children who I’m raising money for. (And I’ll probably cry, I’m a sap.) These children I’ll be meeting are usually fighting a disease or have overcome it. And I already know that they are strong amazing kids. (And that’s when I’ll cry, because no child should ever have to miss out on childhood because of cancer, or other diseases.) I’m getting goosebumps now thinking about it!

-I’m nervous because I’ve never stayed up for 32 hours straight! Let alone, stand! But I know that I am supporting a great cause, dancing for the kids who have been through so much more than me.

With that said, that’s why I am taking a break from training. I need to get better before the weekend, and rest up! I can’t have my allergies intermingle with my asthma, or it could result in me actually getting really really sick!

If you would like to donate money to Children’s Miracle Network you can text HELPKIDS to 50555, which will donate $5 dollars to CMN and Dance Marathon.

If you would like to donate to my University’s dance marathon, you can donate to my fundraising page. I’ll also provide Childrens Miracle Network’s page, if you would like to learn more about it(:

Childrens Miracle Network:

My Fundraising Page:

I am on the purple team, Alpha Phi Omega! I won’t give out my last name, but you’ll be helping my team if you donate to someone! Thanks!

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! Remember there is one good thing in every day.


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