Gone Wild

Hey everyone! 
Hope you’re all have a decent Monday! 

I have so much to tell you all! 
My last post said I had exciting news to tell you, so here it is….

This weekend I went down to OU for Alpha Phi Omega Sectionals! 😀 It was oh-so-much fun! I had a wonderful week with my brothers and meeting other brothers from different chapters! 

I also LOVED LOVED LOVED the campus. It’s so beautiful and hilly! I wanted to run so badly! Unfortunately we didn’t have time too ): 

(Where I go to school…we have no hills. It’s as flat as flat can be) 

The theme for sectionals was Bros Gone Wild. I attended awesome workshops and ate some delicious food!  

And of course enjoyed time with my brothers! 

So with that being said I did not train Friday or Saturday. BUT Sunday I did run (: 

9 miles. At home. ( I wish the quality was better, but I took three shots and this was my best photo) Sorry! I just got done running (: 

I left OU early enough in the morning and was home in the afternoon. 
At first I truly was dreading it. Basically because I haven’t trained in the past two days, and because I was driving my car for a couple of hours.

I sucked it up and did it anyway. I actually felt great running too. I was motivated, and awake, but it did suck because I was stuck on the treadmill. IT WAS SO WINDY AND COLD OUT! This weather needs to stop being so crappy. 

(okay rant over) 

Below are some pictures I took with my phone over the weekend(: 

OU. I have no idea what this building is. But I thought it was pretty haha 

All of the brothers at our meeting! EEEEK It was great! 

So although it was a fabulous weekend, moral of the story: If you have time to train, just DO IT, and suck it up. Because you’ll feel better after. Especially if you were driving a car for more than three hours. 


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