Shake your Shamrock

Happy St. Patricks Day! And Erin Go Bragh

Hopefully everyone is enjoying their day! (And not drinking too many green beers) 

To celebrate the Irish blood that’s in me, I ran a 10K. 

Ha! Kidding, that’s what my training schedule said. Anyway…

Here’s what I’m really doing for St. Patty’s Day: 

Eating potatos and boiled sausage for dinner. Yup. Exciting right? 

Random Fun Fact: Corn beef and cabbage isn’t the true Irish meal. It’s potatoes and boiled sausage. 
(Thank you 4th grade heritage project for teaching me that)

 SO! With that said….
That’s all I’m doing to celebrate, hopefully St. Patrick won’t be upset. 

Aside from St. Patrick’s day:

I can’t stand being stuck on the treadmill for my long runs. I love getting out and exploring, watching wildlife, and running on the roads. Last Sunday was perfect for my 8 miler. It felt like spring! Today feels like winter ): 
So instead of going to the gym with my cousins, I ran on my treadmill and watched Disney’s movie The Incredibles. 6.3 miles= DONE.

Week 6? DONE.
Which means…I’m halfway done with my half-marathon training! YAY! Everyday I get closer and closer to the race, I get so much more excited!  

Tomorrow I do the usual Stretch and Strengthen after I’m finished coaching for a wonderful program called Girls on the Run!  
It’s going to be a great week (: 

And don’t forget to kiss me…I’m Irish. 
If you don’t kiss an Irish person today you’ll have bad luck! (;

(Jokes on jokes on jokes) 

Be safe if you’re drinking today, and always have a DD! 

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! 


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