My lungs have gotten a visit from their old enemy today: asthma .Woo.
If you haven’t read my pervious post I’ve been having trouble breathing all day due to my asthma and allergies starting up. (What a fun combo!…not)

I’m almost positive the weather has kicked started my breathing issue since I’ve been running outside more lately. I’ve been taking all precautionary measures today, to make sure I’m well enough to do cardio and run tomorrow (without having an asthma attack). I’ve been resting, drinking water, and one of my most new favorite things…eat figs newtons!

For those of you who don’t know figs is a fruit that magically help lungs drain phlegm, making it easier for asthmatics (like myself) to breathe! So while at Target today I picked up some yummy cookies!

Okay, okay I know it’s not the fruit, but where am I going to find a fig fruit!? I’ve never seen one! But I feel the yummy cookies will do for now(:

So lets talk about asthma …


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