Positiveness: What keeps you going

Tuesday! What a wonderful day to run 4 miles! 

Other than that I feel I haven’t posted a quote in a while…

Ah. One of my top ten favorite sayings. 
And even better, it’s true. 

From what I’ve learned, there are decisions and situations in life that will always work out in the end no matter what and then there are situations and decisions that just won’t. But I guarantee 99.9% of the time you will know when something is meant to be. 
Sometimes it takes days. 
Sometimes it takes years. 
But if you want a goal or dream to work, also make it happen. Work hard and in the end your goal should reward you. If it doesn’t…it’s not the end. Always be positive, even on your worst days. 

One positive thought can go a long way. 
Trust me.

Every time I’m running and want to quit, I think about how I feel when I’ll finish my half-marathon: indescribably great. 

Do me a favor and put one positive thought in your head daily, and keep making positive thoughts. Heck compliment one different person daily, you might make their day, and I’m sure you’ll feel better about yourself too!




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