Happy Saturday everyone! I apologize for not posting much this week! I’ve been busy working and socializing(:


It’s been a great week!
Monday: cross training (the usual)

Tuesday: Tuesday was a pretty busy day for me. I wasn’t able to train until 9 pm. My schedule said to run 4 miles, but I only ended up doing 1.5 . I’m not a night “exerciser” so it was difficult after a long day. After my run I just did some abs and arms.

Wednesday: Rest Day. Due to working and seeing some of my friends(:

Thursday: Make-up day. After work I went to the gym to run 4 miles, and I felt great! The downside: I went running in the movie room…and they were playing the movie Click with Adam Sandler. And if you’ve ever seen it there’s a sad part. I cried. And I have to say, sobbing and crying is definitely an experience. It’s very hard to breath haha

Friday: 3.3 mile run and strengthening after!
Guess what else!? It was a gorgeous day yesterday and I ran outside! Woo-hoo !!

Today: 3 mile run, hopefully outside and tomorrow is 8 miles dun dun dunnnn (:

Unfortunately this week I’ve been dealing with my first case of shin splints in my right leg. Today has been the worst day , so as I’m typing I’m also icing my leg. There is a chance I might not run today and just do some exercises that don’t involve too much of my leg. But will see! I’ve been stretching and icing! Hopefully I’ll be better in a little bit!

Again I apologize for not posting a lot lately. I’ll get more exciting posts up soon(:

Have a great day!


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