Just singing on the treadmill

HELLO EVERYBODY! Happy Sunday Run-day!!! 
It has been one fantastic weekend, to start off my spring break! (aka winter break part 2)

On Friday after my last exam, I ran 3 miles and did some hardcore strengthening exercises….then had a wonderful night hanging out with my besties from high school (and staying up a little to late)
Becaussseee…Saturday is when the real fun began. Around 9 a.m. we all traveled down to see our friend who goes to Miami U.Sadly, she’s not on the same spring break as us):  Pictures Below (:

This is us looking all preppy for Miami (It’s a joke, sorry Jessica…or anyone who goes there) (:

Me…deep in thought, because Miami is the Harvard of Ohio. (:


I had such a great weekend, and so much fun with all of my friends(: Miami is a beautiful school, and I can’t wait to go back and visit! 

So lets get down to business now:

I went to the gym with my cousins today, and made my PR of 7 miles! 
Now I can finally cross off week 4 of training! YAY! 
Now it gets very boring running on a treadmill…so sometimes I may start mouthing the words to a song (hence the title of the blog), anywho that’s how I keep occupied, when there’s nothing to look at but a brick wall…and Rush Hour 3 (not my favorite movie ever). 

Have a great Sunday everyone! Also for all students on Spring Break this week, be safe and have fun! (: 



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