Cookie me some control

Girl Scout Cookies! I repeat…Girl Scout Cookies! 
One of my most favorite times of the year! 

Of course, I’ve had my cookies for a couple of weeks now, devouring every last bite and I’m sure many of you have also 

Because of this epidemic, I strongly believe this is when people truly begin giving up their new years resolution. What resolution am I talking about you ask? …The resolution to be healthy this year! Yes, I’m aware studies show people give up around the first week of February, but I believe the first week is when they start teeter-tottering between their old ways and new healthy ways. Then..BOOM…those adorable little girls bombard you with sweet, yummy cookies, and in no time you’ve ate a whole box in one sit down. But don’t blame the Girl Scouts for being adorable! Take a deep breath, and accept the fact the whole thin mints box you just ate, did everything but turn you thin. And then! You feel horrible. Everything you’ve worked for, out the door. So you shrug those shoulders, say I’ll try again next year, then open up those delicious somoas for your evening snack.  
Wrap up those samoas, and grab the tagalongs instead. 
but seriously…STOP.

Put down the cookies! put your hands above your head! and do 5 jumping jacks. You have the right to remain eating, but anything you eat can and will be used against you on the weight scale. (Trying to be funny. Ha…ha…ha?)

Anywho. Ready to stop snacking now? Okay, good. 

Look, I’m not saying Girl Scout cookies will make you fat, but it’s all about portion size and self-control. And let’s say you did eat a whole box of samoas or thin mints in one sit down (guilty as charged!), you had a bad day…don’t give up that goal of getting healthy. You can always work it off, and make up for it the next day. 

So let’s talk about Girl Scout cookies:

Samoas are my favorite, and always have been. Do I want to eat the whole box in a day? Of course! Have I in the past? Yes! Do I now? No. 

Why not? Because it’s processed junk food that’s not good for you! 
Of course I get my samoa fix, but in moderation. Here’s how:

  • Girl Scout cookies are usually 2-3 cookies per serving. 
  • Therefore, I always eat one more cookie than the serving size suggest, but ONLY if I’ve worked out that day. If not…no extra cookie for me): 

When you’re really craving something to eat, just do it…but do it smart (Unless it’s a fried snickers…I don’t want anyone to die of a heart attack)

Let’s say you want a big juicy Big Mac with some fries and a Coke for lunch. Mmmmm

Eat it. But plan it out, and ask yourself these questions:

  1.  Am I exercising today? 
  2. What else am I eating today, is my breakfast and dinner going to be healthy?
  3. Do I really truly seriously want and crave McDonald’s  or can I fill the craving with something lighter and healthier? 

If you answered yes to all of these, then go for it and savor every bite! If you said no…wait another day or two. See if you still want that meal, and if you do plan out when you’ll do the three things above. 

This is my personal advice(: 
And I know this because I’m a college student. What do all college students like to do most? EAT! Thus why there is a “freshman 15.”  Luckily I didn’t gain it, because I controlled what I was eating, and made sure I was getting the nutrients I need. 

Just be smart and be aware of what you’re putting into your body(: 
If you eat too much in one day, just work it off the next. No one is perfect. 

(I know I’m defiantly not!) 

My name is Sam and I’m a chocoholic. I crave it almost every day, and It’s been 0 days since I’ve last ate it (:

  1. It’s not drugs, I don’t need to go to AA for chocolate lovers AND
  2. I eat small amounts in moderation, so I’m still in control (or denial, I know that’s the first sign of addiction) Lol. 

I’m kidding obviously, but you don’t always need to go cold turkey on your favorite junk food, as long as you learn how to handle the portions. 

 Happy Friday! (:

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