Terrific Thursday !

Hello everyone! 

I hope your Thursday is going well! I apologize for not posting a lot this week, I’ve been studying for exams and making time for other plans before my spring break hits! 

It has been a very crazy, yet quick week! 
So let’s begin at the beginning of the week, since I’ve been away for some days. (: 

Sunday- I ran a 5K with my cousins outside in the cold! Burrr! The wind was not fun on the run back, but my pace and timing was great! 
Monday- The regular ole’ stretch and strengthen….bundles of fun(:
Tuesday– 3.5 miles on the treadmill then yoga cool down after. 
Wednesday-Rest Day!  I switched it up, because my schedule for today was better than yesterdays. 
Today- 3.1 miles + stretch and strengthen(:

I also have other very exciting news…(for me at least)

Ok so here’s the story: Yesterday in my student union Neuro Water was passing out free drinks and raffling off a spring break bag, filled with wonderful goodies! And guess who won the raffle? ME! (: I’m very excited because I usually never win anything, and this was a great gift basket! 

Inside: A wonderful cooler, towel, Vita Coco Water T-shirt, TONS of Coco-water, Neuro Drinks, frisbee, beach mat, beach ball, sunscreen, Aloe lotion, flip flops, squishy ball, sunglasses, four cups, water bottle, and a tote bag ! (: 

It was all free! 

For those of you who don’t know, Neuro is a supplement drink that is filled with vitamins for various things. Today, I tried their passion drink, which is for pre-workout. I try to stay away from supplement drinks, because I know they’re not-so-great for the average human. (Olympians? Yes.)  I usually just stick to drinking water and ice tea.  (But hey, it’s free!) Anyway, I will have to say I was quite impressed with how it fueled my workout. Passion is filled with caffeine, so I’m sure that had a factor, but I did not have a stomach ache or feel sick while exercising (like I feared I was going to feel). The drink itself is slightly carbonated and has a light berry taste. I can’t say the best thing I’ve ever tasted, but it’s definitely a good mix-up from just drinking water all the time. One thing I didn’t like about Neuro is the caffeine content. I truly try to stay away from caffeine because I’m very sensitive to it. The bottle even recommends for children and people sensitive to caffeine to not drink it. Therefore, I’m waiting for my body to crash(: . All in all, if you can handle caffeine well, and like taking dietary supplements this drink is for you! Lol. Below I’ll provide the website of Neuro, if you want to learn more about it! 

Have a great evening! 

Neuro: http://drinkneuro.com/


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