Writers Block


After a very eventful week, training truly helped me relax. 
This morning, I got my training done early while finishing the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie. [3 miles plus cross-training=conquered.]

 According to my training schedule I’m suppose to have two rest days this week, due to a 5K on Sunday. Yesterday was my first rest day…and will be my only rest day this week. 

I’m not sure what it is, but it’s hard for me to take two days off without training. Tomorrow I will be running and cross-training like normal. (Maybe I’ll go a little easy, who knows?!)

Anyway, I’m not sure if it’s the weekend getting to me, but I have had writers block this whole time writing this blog.

AHHHHHHHHHH (One of the worst.things.ever.)

So today here is how I’d like to end the blog:

In the movie series Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow’s compass points to whatever direction it is he wants most. “What is it you want most?” 

My question for you this weekend is to think about what you want most.
If you could have a compass to point whatever direction you want, what way would you choose? Apply it to a goal. Then think about how you can achieve the goal. What barriers will be in the way, and how will you make time for it? 

Give it a little thought, I’d love to hear some feedback! (: 

Want to know what I want most? 

Warm Weather.         ….kidding! (But really) 

😀 Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Stay warm if you’re somewhere cold! And if you’re somewhere warm… I’m jealous d:








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