Hurts so bad, feels so good.

The burn, the wonderful burn.  
I am pretty sure I’ve stretched my left calf a little to much this week, so I went easy on that part of my leg. 

You know what I didn’t go easy on? Everything else.

I began my workout a little backwards today which involved me running last.

First I did a bunch of glute,leg, and arm exercises (ones that didn’t put to much weight on my calf), then I did a whole bunch of abs.  

After, I ran for ten minutes. 

Ten minutes…really Sam?

Yes really. Ten hard minutes. Throughout the ten minutes, I sprinted while changing the incline every minute. I began at a 10 incline and worked my way down to 1. I was so red and sweaty after! It hurt so bad but felt so good! 

Today I tried hard to not put much tension or weight on my calf, and hopefully those ten minutes on the treadmill didn’t mess it up too much. Below is the circut I did before I ran…enjoy! 


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