Sucking it up/ Stuck in Colder weather

We all have bad days. I’m a pretty positive person, and when I have bad days, I just want to run away turn my radio up and drive somewhere warm.
Lots of things have not gone good today. First I woke up with a horrible dream( that brought back not-so-nice memories.) Then my stomach has had issues all throughout day and the wind was treacherous on campus and to top it off annoying thoughts kept popping up in my head (like my dream). I ended up skipping my last class and heading home due to feeling sick. Sadly I also had to cancel plans with a friend. 


When I finally made it home, I threw on running gear…then sat down and did some homework. After I felt good enough, I looked at my training schedule and headed downstairs to run on the treadmill.

Honestly no bone in my body wanted to run today. But I put in the third movie of Pirates of the Caribbean and began to run. 3.5 miles was my goal on my training schedule today, and 3.5 miles I ran. Trying to forget a bunch of tasks and memories running through my mind, I ran hard. Then when I hit 3.5 I felt great.

Some days when you don’t feel like running, for whatever reason, suck it up and just go. Exercising clears your mind, and releases happy endorphin’s. No one has ever regretted a workout.

Push yourself:

  • When you get back from classes or work (and you still have to train) immediately put your work out clothes on. This will keep reminding you that you have to work out today. 
  • Begin looking or thinking about inspirational quotes or goals you’ve set for yourself. (Pinterest’s health&fitness section always helps me)
  • Just do it. Suck it up, tie your shoes and begin. You won’t regret it.


Have a great rest of your Tuesday everyone! Don’t ever give up, if it’s something that makes you happy!  




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