The battle

Hello bloggers, and happy Friday! 

It’s been one heck of a week studying for exams, searching for jobs, and making time to train! 

After a 3.5 mile run, I did a lot more cardio and strengthening exercises. What better way to end a long week then a long hard workout? 

I originally planned on running 5 miles today, but I’ve been battling with a nasty blister on my foot since my run on Sunday, and while running, I got to the point where my foot hurt so bad, I needed to stop. 

After stopping, I did few training exercises that put little weight on my left foot. 

Blisters: What you need to know and how to treat them

Blisters (as gross as they are) are very common for runners, and about any athlete. During my rowing career I would get them all over my hands (then they calloused), and backs of my foot (from the foot stretchers). So my pain tolerance for blisters are pretty high, but my annoyance for them has not gone away. 

It’s very common for runners to get blisters when they run long distances, for long hours, because of trapped moisture. (and cotton socks don’t help! BTW(:  ) 

It is NOT common for runners to get blisters every time they run, because this usually means you have the wrong shoe size or shoe. So if that’s an issue, get new shoes! Your running shoe should be at least half a foot size larger than your regular foot size, because the feet expand when running…and they need to breathe! 

How to heal blisters: 

In my years of experience with blisters I have not found a more effect way for a blister to heal except time. 

Yes you can buy blister cremes, blister band-aids, and blister pads (I’ve tried it all!)…but it’s a waste of time. Blisters on your feet just need time to heal. 
Here’s what I normally do when this occurs:

  1. I examine the blister
  2. I find a needle. I clean the needle. 
  3. I pop it and drain the water
  4. Then after I make sure it’s clean, and I cover it with a band-aid and wait

Keep in mind….

If you ever have to do this, do it at a time when you won’t be walking around everywhere. 

When I pop blisters, it’s usually night time when I’m ready to go to bed, or when I know I won’t be walking around a lot. 

Also I know a lot of people say don’t pop a blister…but it’s on the bottom of your foot…it’s going to pop anyway (and I don’t want a wet sock when it does) (Hand blisters that’s another story. Don’t pop those!)


  • The band-aid will fall off no doubt, from the friction of walking around. My best advice is to cover it with a sock, if you need to be walking around your home. (Put less weight on it, if you can)

Blisters are so annoying, and trust me, I’ve done my research and have had my experience with them. They’re a nuisance and painful when they touch water…but waiting it out and making sure it’s clean is the only way I’ve found to get rid of them. 

Good luck and watch out for those annoying moisture-bubbles! 


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