Fat Tuesday -Yay!

Happy Fat Tuesday!!! (One of my favorite days ever!) 

How much have  you all eaten today?! 

I hope a bunch, because who doesn’t love a good reason to eat? ! 

Unfortunately, because of my class schedule I couldn’t pig out all day ): 
But after classes I stopped at my favorite cookie place and surprised my family with some yummy warm gooey-ooey cookies! Woo! I had two huge chocolate chips (love!) 

But before I indulged into some yummy goodness I ran 3 miles outside. It was actually quite beautiful today, compared to the past two days (It’s like mother nature read my blog yesterday). Of course there was some wind, but it wasn’t as horrible as a couple of weeks ago! 

Now like I have mentioned in earlier post I am an asthmatic, and cold weather really does wear on my lungs, but today it was warm enough for me to run outside! And to help with my breathing, I wore a “turtleneck” scarf (which is basically a ski-mask that just covers the neck and mouth) 

If you have asthma like me, it’s always smart to cover your mouth in cold weather. 

Basically because all the cold weather you breathe in, isn’t good for your lungs. Today I alternated with the “turtleneck.” When I was running against the wind, I had my mouth and nose covered, and when I was running with the wind, my mouth and nose were uncovered. 
Even if you don’t have asthma, it’s always important to protect yourself from breathing in too cold of air. …or else you could get sick! 

Anyway, it’s been a really long Tuesday and if some of my sentences/grammar doesn’t make sense, I apologize I’m ready to sleep! 

Have a great night! 


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