Just another Manic Monday

Welcome to the weekdays ! (Cringe)

Before I begin I would like to take a moment to talk about the crazy weather that has been happening all around the U.S.

First things first: When did they begin naming blizzards? Until this year I can’t recall the name of a blizzard. And Nemo…really weather people?! Hmm isn’t that kind of a tropical name? There is nothing warm about this! …You just want the media to make jokes about “finding people in Nemo” didn’t you!? Well it’s working..

Second: WIND IF YOU CAN HEAR Me…over your obnoxiously loud “voice,” please quiet down. No one likes to be put down. Literally. Today you’ve knocked many of my friends into buildings and on the ground…IT’S NOT NICE. Jeez.

Thirdly: Anyone who is involved with Nemo or out West with the tornados, stay safe ❤…and for all of you in 60-70 degree weather with nothing but the sun…take a moment to realize how lucky you are right now. Right now many are freezing there butts off or in fear of a tornado.

(Deep Breath) My rant is over now

Lets get back to working out.

Today was stretch and strengthen on my training schedule. After work all day, it felt great to finally move!

I did a lot of yoga today as well as some leg exercises and arm. I’ll post some examples tomorrow. Other than that I’m happy it’s one day closer to the weekend!

It’s about to be a crazy week at school!
Post later!


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