Cotton, the fabric of our lives

Welcome to the Weekend! I hope everyone has had a fantastic week! 

Today I completed my first Friday training which was running 3 miles then strengthen. I mainly worked out my abdominal, triceps, and biceps after running! Instead of listening to music (which gets boring for me sometimes) I popped in Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and watched until my workout was over! 

So as you know I’m learning the ups and downs of running, and today I found out it’s not good to run in cotton.

At first I was confused (because I run in cotton material all the time), then after  a little research I found out why.  

Here’s the deal:

Wearing cotton holds sweat in your shirt, which will make you colder  (in the winter) and sticky-er (in the summer) by having the sweat stick to your skin..eww! It also can weigh you down from the sweat accumulating in the fabric, and did I mention body acne ? Uh oh! 

So what can you do ? 

Fortunately there’s many other fabrics we can wear when running, and better lighter options! First of all we all know there is work-out clothes everywhere! (Under-armor, Nike, Adidas, Target, Kohl’ name a few) So wearing material like spandex or polyester is always a great alternative option! 

One of my favorite shirts to run in is a under armor dry-fit tank-top. I bought it at an outlet a year ago! It’s comfy and controls sweat. I also own cold gear (which is designed for running in the cold) and heat-gear (for running in the heat). I have to admit I am an under armor fan, but I also own Target’s fitness gear and some of Kohl’s! 

The Catch:

I understand fitness clothes can cost an arm and a leg, but luckily outlet stores help bring down the price! I can’t ever remember buying a sports bra or under armor sweatshirt for full price, because I’ve always bought workout gear on sale! Exercise clothes are not a fashion statement. Wear whatever is comfortable and works for you. Also keep in mind stores like T.J. Maxx or Marshall’s have fitness gear cheap too! And if you don’t live near an outlet mall or T.J. Maxx shop online or the sales racks at your mall! There’s sales everywhere! and Amazon has cheap brand name clothes all the time! 

In Conclusion:

If you are able to run in anything else but cotton, do it. And have a great weekend! 




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