Today I completed my second day of “official training” woot woot! Basically I just ran and did strength training, no big deal. The day I believe will be the toughest is Sunday which is 5 miles. (I’ve never ran that far)

Sadly I am treadmill stricken until the temperature increases, because it’s so cold out, and because I am an asthmatic. Blah. 

Since I have asthma I can’t run outside in cold temperatures or else I’ll get really really bad chest/breathing problems (oh no!). Thankfully though I don’t have it badly, but enough to keep me inside in the winter. 

I know I’m not the only one running with asthma, and if you have it too your able to live with it right?! And for anyone who does have and is planning to run a race, I found this awesome blog of a girl who has asthma and runs races all the time! She gives great tips and advice! 

Check her out in the link below! 



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