It’s time to begin, isn’t it?

Hello and congrats to anyone who began training for a marathon today!

Finally I have recovered from my weird 24 hour flu, and yes I was able to complete my training today!

Today my schedule said to run 3 miles ! So I did a 5K…overachiever I know. But why not its only 3.1 miles, so I went that extra distance. And if I can do it(after a day of losing everything I ate) you can too!

So did you guys get my title ?
Hint: the imagine dragons sing it
Okay well it’s one of my favorite songs and I thought it would be appropriate for my first day of training! Yay!

It’s time to begin isn’t it?

Absolutely. Don’t let anyone hold you back or change who you are.

Have a great evening everyone !

First day down!


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