What’s not fun.

Hey followers. Today I was suppose to begin my “official” training for my half-marathon. 

Unfortunately I woke up this morning with a nasty bug. Stomach pain and dizziness is not fun, and I’ll spare you the details on what happened after trying to eat breakfast. 

Luckily though I’m feeling much better, and will hopefully be able to attend all my classes tomorrow and train for day two. 

Today I only missed a stretch and strengthen which is no big deal because I’m caught up on it all. So fingers crossed that I’ll be able to run tomorrow! 

Also I believe I’ve had enough sodium today (from saltines and Gatorade yay d: ) so maybe I’ll retain my water better? Ha. 


Stay healthy my friends! It’s not fun being sick!!! 

Hand Sanitizer  and Vitamin C do It! 


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