The running, the wind, the HORROR!

Hello everybody!  

I was a week ahead of my training schedule, which actually begins next Monday, but I’m just completing the first week two weeks in a row. So what did I do today you ask?! 

I ran. Three miles. In the super strong winds. Fun right? WRONG. (: 

It was a rough day today, but here’s the thing: it’s best to learn to run in different weather conditions. I did it in rowing. So I figured I could learn how to do it with running. My ponytail was all over the place as was my headphones, but I did it..and I feel accomplished. 

Look…here’s the hard truth:
On race day, you have no idea what mother nature has planned, so it’s best to at least train once in some harsh weather conditions so you know what to expect. 

Don’t believe me? Good. I have articles and research to back it up! (non-believers) c:

Treadmill vs. Outside Running

Oh look More research <click>

And more oh joy! 

  • All in all outdoor running, for training beats the treadmill. 
  • Still don’t believe me? Ok, do as you please, but I’m going to try to get outside as much as I can. 

Have a great rest of the day everyone (: 

Keep on running! 


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