This is for anyone who has gone through a tough time or is going through one. This has nothing really to do with training, it’s just a reminder. Just because you’re walking away from something, does not mean your giving up. It means deciding to not deal with what’s bringing you down, and being strong enough to face what has made you weak for so long. I love this quote. 

I personally have walked away from a couple situations in my lifetime that has made me stronger. In those situations there were breaking points where I knew I needed to walk away. Although those decisions were tough, it made me stronger because I realized if I never made those choices I wouldn’t be as happy as I am today. I probably wouldn’t even be running a half-marathon if I never made those choices! (gasp!) This blog may never have existed! (another gasp!) 

Anyway 🙂

For anyone going through a hard time, life will get better and people who care about you will step in and make it better! I promise! I know for a fact! If God didn’t think you could handle it, then there wouldn’t have been a problem in the first place! You learn from your past mistakes and choices. 


Happy Wednesday Everyone! We’re closer to the weekend! 


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